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So here it is, my attempt to get back to posting about the sims, in a more subdued and smaller-scale manner. As I've said in my previous post, I'll be using a tweaked version of the set of rules for a Paranormal Challenge [ profile] jens_sims has drafted so far, and I'll be posting small (and hopefully frequent) updates.

So let's get to it!

24 pictures under the cut. )
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After some failed attempts to start a new legacy challenge, mainly for lack of inspiration at posting about it because the sims fandom overall exhausts me nowadays, I've decided to give it a try and do something on a smaller scale, posting it only here at my DW (with a crosspost to my personal LJ as opposed to my sims one). Instead of a proper legacy with the rule of starting things on a large empty lot and seeing it grow (mostly because those lots start lagging after a while) I'm set everything in houses built in-game and have the family move from time to time to prevent glitches and the aforementioned lagging. Also, I'll be following a personalized version of the rules [ profile] jens_sims is working on for a supernatural challenge, mainly because I want to do something a little bit more specific than just having a sim start a family and see it multiply.

For those of you who know how much I love Doctor Who, I should mention that the neighbourhood I created for this challenge is called Troughton Town. And because I also love Young Frankenstein, the founder for this challenge is called Abby Normal. Meet her here. )

As soon as I have enough for an update, I'll post it here. I'm going to avoid doing what I've always done when posting my sims stories (large, image-heavy posts, a first-person narrator, etc), as I feel that that's probably what's been causing my writer's block, and will instead have much smaller and (hopefully) regular updates where I'll just describe the events. If this experience works out, then I might start doing a proper challenge afterwards.
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Some of you might have noticed my attempt to resurrect the Cheeses. Don't worry, I'm not going to stop this new version, as I'm looking forward to seeing where I can take them now. However, I interrupted my playing and updating of them for a considerable length of time, and I feel I've lost touch with the narrative voice I employ for this legacy. Until then, I'm going to be working on something else - and who knows, with time I might start alternating between the two.

For this upcoming new legacy, I decided to go for something a little bit more Maxis-flavoured. In other words, I discarded my mix of default face templates, and downloaded [ profile] meetme2theriver's fixed version of Pleasantview. My only concession from using only sims with the Maxis face templates was replacing the Takemizu Village locals with slightly more Asian-looking sims. Oh, and since some of the uni townies were spawned with the alien face (which makes them look rather... interesting, to say the least), I went for [ profile] lilacbloom's mod that turns PT7 (AKA the Caliente sisters' alien granddad) into the default PT.

As for the founder, I decided to pick a premade teen townie, age them up to young adult and start this legacy at uni. I discussed this idea with [personal profile] kerouaille, as I wanted to avoid the more popular ones like Meadow Thayer, and she suggested Tosha Go - and after playing her through her first semester, I'm so glad I went with her. Not only does she have what I now call "the Gru hair" (if you've read the original Cheese Legacy, you know what I mean), her flatted-out nose is really growing on me. And besides, she's just so cute and adorable. )

Stay tuned for more news.
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My Sims 3 game crashed. Again. So I've decided to shrug it off and re-install The Sims 2 instead, and resurrect my old Cheese Legacy. For those unfamiliar with the Sims fandom, a legacy challenge is when you play your game with a single sim in an empty lot and have him/get get married and have kids; then you pick one of the kids as heir (the others will move out), get him/her married and have kids, and so on, until you reach the tenth generation. Some players record the lives of those sims, usually in picspam format with some (usually humorous) captions. In my personal case, the posts usually have between 50 to 100 pictures and the captions are written in the first person of one of the sims involved, and in the case of the Cheese Legacy I've started out with a sim called John Cheese (who looks like a caricature of John Cleese, big chin and all), with the children born into this legacy being named after cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch. I'll start posting it here in my DW if you guys like the idea. :)

Also, I'm going to start making icons again. My most recent icons have been posted at InsaneJournal (to be more specific here) and focusing more on the sort of bases that are used on RPGs - hence why I'm storing them on IJ, which is used mainly for that purpose. My icons will keep on being made that way and will keep on being posted on IJ, but, again, I'll link you guys to the posts whenever I make an update. Right now I'm working on making icons of Katy Manning in SJA, which are to work as companions to a batch I made some months ago of Katy back in Who, and which you can find if you follow that link. I think the icons I made back then are from The Sea Devils and The Time Monster. I'm also planning to iconize the two Doctor Who movies (mainly Roberta Tovey and Bernard Cribbins) and Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia in Hamlet, as I think they'll work beautifully for anyone who wishes to play Bellatrix as a teenager.
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