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We start this post with Abby trying to gain a point in charisma for her next promotion.

After that, in an attempt to have her spend a little bit of energy and increase her enthusiasm in nature (her predetermined favourite hobby) I have her take a hike and... oh dear.

And here he is, in all his stinky glory.

"If you think I'm going out there while that thing is still walking around the place..."
Oh, forget the skunk and just go to bed. He'll be gone in the morning.

As I predicted, when morning broke the skunk was long gone, but unfortunately in his place was a wolf who seems to be particularly fond of pansies.
"Om nom nom."

"Still not going out there."
Er, Abby? What's that in your hand?
"Orange juice. I'm having breakfast."
Are you sure? It looks like...
"Like what?"
Never mind.

So, the carpool arrived - this time a cleaner, nicer car, thanks to the promotion fairy - and since Abby seems sober enough I'm going to believe it was orange juice, after all.

I prefer extra skill points or money bonus, but hobby enthusiasm is also nice. The chance cards seem to be in Abby's favour so far - let's hope things will stay that way.

And Abby got herself yet another promotion. Given that she's a Fortune sim and therefore keeps rolling career-related wants, her mood is pretty good right now.

Oh look, the black leotard must be in fashion right now. Also, I love this kid's name.

And speaking of black leotards, look who has decided to pay Abby a visit.

Things start off pretty well for Abby and Ballet Dancer Dude. They start off having a nice chat...

...which evolves into a long conversation about fashion and makeup...

...and then to a little bit of flirting.

And before I knew what was going on, they were rushing to the bedroom.

Those two move quite fast, thanks to ACR.

Ballet Dancer Dude left soon after that, and Abby turned her attention back to gaining more skill points, first with charisma...

...and then logic. For that last one, since she still doesn't have a chess board or a telescope, she went back to the bookstore.

And then, it was time for bed.

In the morning, she went back to work.

Ballet Dancer Dude decided to pay Abby another surprise visit, but sadly she was out. Aww, look at his sad face.

Still, never fear, because as soon as she came back...

...she invited him over.

That's quite a reception.

...Why am I not surprised?

After that, I made them have a proper date, and after a while this showed up in his wants.

Needless to say I was more than happy to oblige.

And as soon as the date was over, Abby asked him to move in. As you can see, he seems to be a bit excited about this turn of events.
And now that he's about to become a legacy spouse, maybe I should stop calling him Ballet Dancer Dude. Say hello to Riyad. His LTW is to reach his golden anniversary, and he has a job in medicine - a career that's allowed for generation 1.

Funny, I never saw this memory before.

Aww, that's adorable.

With the amount of money Riyad brought with him, I decided to do a little remodelling. So far that's consisted only in changing the wallpaper and carpet, but I might get some brand new furniture soon - and nursery stuff for the still empty spare room.
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