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There was a SNAKE in my kitchen just now. It was so small that at first, when I opened the door and saw it hiding, I thought it was an earthworm, as I often have those little critters lose their way and enter my home in search of shelter. However, when I lifted the bag under which it was hiding, in an attempt to grab it and put it outside like I do with all earthworms, it hissed at me. I managed to trap it in a corner with my broom, but I didn't dare to get any closer as it kept hissing and assuming an attack pose, so I screamed for my mother, who then hit it with the tip of the broom handle and swept it out.

My mother assured me that she crushed its spine and so the snake won't live long, but as she said it I saw the thing lift its head and hiss at my kitten, who got curious and decided to check this strange creature. I went to have a cup of tea to calm my nerves, and when I stepped outside just now to see how everything is the snake was gone. Let's hope I won't get to see it again because this was freaky.

I miss the days when my house was visited by earthworms and baby toads. At least they don't hiss.
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One of my cats is sleeping right outside my door, looking like the perfect picture of adorableness... that is, except for the fact she's got her front paws wrapped around the remains of a rat's head as if it was a teddy bear.

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