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So here it is, my attempt to get back to posting about the sims, in a more subdued and smaller-scale manner. As I've said in my previous post, I'll be using a tweaked version of the set of rules for a Paranormal Challenge [ profile] jens_sims has drafted so far, and I'll be posting small (and hopefully frequent) updates.

So let's get to it!

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After some failed attempts to start a new legacy challenge, mainly for lack of inspiration at posting about it because the sims fandom overall exhausts me nowadays, I've decided to give it a try and do something on a smaller scale, posting it only here at my DW (with a crosspost to my personal LJ as opposed to my sims one). Instead of a proper legacy with the rule of starting things on a large empty lot and seeing it grow (mostly because those lots start lagging after a while) I'm set everything in houses built in-game and have the family move from time to time to prevent glitches and the aforementioned lagging. Also, I'll be following a personalized version of the rules [ profile] jens_sims is working on for a supernatural challenge, mainly because I want to do something a little bit more specific than just having a sim start a family and see it multiply.

For those of you who know how much I love Doctor Who, I should mention that the neighbourhood I created for this challenge is called Troughton Town. And because I also love Young Frankenstein, the founder for this challenge is called Abby Normal. Meet her here. )

As soon as I have enough for an update, I'll post it here. I'm going to avoid doing what I've always done when posting my sims stories (large, image-heavy posts, a first-person narrator, etc), as I feel that that's probably what's been causing my writer's block, and will instead have much smaller and (hopefully) regular updates where I'll just describe the events. If this experience works out, then I might start doing a proper challenge afterwards.
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