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We start this update with Riyad leaving for work right after the twins were born.

Since Abby has to leave as well, she rushes to the phone to call for a nanny, who arrives immediately.

This will only make sense for [personal profile] kerouaille, but I couldn't help but giggle when I saw the nanny's name.

Meanwhile the carpool for Abby had already left, so she walked to work.

Talisha the Nanny proved to be a rather unusual type of sim!nanny: a competent one. She fed the babies only when they were hungry...

...and placed them in the crib immediately after, rather than dropping them on the floor.

She also changed their diapers the moment they got wet, rather than feed them like the average nanny.

Hobby enthusiasm chance cards. Ugh.

Ah well, at least Riyad is in a good mood because of his card.

Abby, on the other hand, is in a good mood because she got promoted again.

Unfortunately, Talisha the Nanny shares a problem with the other sim!nannies: she decides to prepare something highly expensive like lobster thermidor, and then interrupts her task because of some external factor (in this case, a combination of a discarded milk bottle being on her way, and Abby's arrival resulting in her shift ending).

Still, waste not, want not, and Abby finishes the task for her.

The next morning. Abby and Riyad leave for work at the same time...

...and Talisha the nanny idles away, reading the newspaper and breaking the computer for the second day on a row (Riyad fixed it the night before and will need to be called to action again next time I play), but becoming competent once again whenever the twins need her.

More hobby enthusiasm chance cards.

Now this is more like it! And it seems that having standards does pay.

Way to go, buddy!

"Hmm, life is wonderful!"

Birthday time for the twins!

And here they are as toddlers!

Brian looks very sweet. Abby's features usually result in weird-looking kids, but it seems to have worked well this time.

And Bradley looks a lot like his brother, only with different colouring and a bit more hardcore.

Here's the twins after they got a new set of clothes more fitting with the colour I attributed to Gen 2 (red).

And while the kids played, the parents decided to have a little game of their own. I don't know what it is about birthdays, but my sims tend to get a bit frisky after someone ages.
(And yes, that's a pair of feet. I have no idea whom they belong to, though.)

Will it be only one baby, though, Abby? Will it? Hmm?

Simultaneous potty training!

And simultaneous walking lessons!

To be continued...
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