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I've been thinking a bit about the Doctor Who casting news, and thought of a good thing and a bad thing about it: Cut for potential spoilers. )
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How on earth did it take me so long to discover this?
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It only now just hit me that Stubby Kaye, who played Marvin Acme in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as well as one half of the Greek chorus from Cat Ballou (the other half being Nat King Cole), was Weismuller the Yankees-loving secret agent from Delta and the Bannermen. It's a small Doctor Who world after all...
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25 years ago today, Patrick Troughton (AKA the best incarnation of the Doctor ever) passed away.

Pat, you are deeply missed. Thank you for being so awesome.
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Yet another reason why I love Colin Baker. There are circumstances where it makes sense to pull the "I'm a celebrity" card, and this is one of them.
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OMG, this is beyond cool.

A glimpse of the reconstructed missing episodes from The Reign of Terror.

I want that DVD so desperately right now...
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Do you love Doctor Who and would love to share your thoughts and experiences about it with others? Are you sick and tired of trolls who like to cause drama, or mods who act like jerks just because they can? Then join [ profile] friendly_who! The mod is an absolute sweetheart, and her goal is to make of this comm a fun, drama-free zone.
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Colin Baker writes about his participation in a reality show.

This is why this man is awesome. His priorities are in the right place.
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Here in Portugal we don't celebrate Halloween (well, in recent years people have started to organize fancy dress Halloween parties, but they're still seen as a curiosity imported from foreign lands) but instead celebrate All Saints' Day on the 1st of November. On this day, Portuguese children have the equivalent to trick or treat, which we call "bread for God", though, obviously, they get sweets rather than bread. The only difference between bread for God and trick or treat is that the former is done during the daytime and there's no costumes.

Anyway, this is just to say that the girls have spend the day out asking for bread for God with their friends, and came back with a tummy full of sweets (I foresee that they'll be celebrating Stomachache Day tomorrow) and a bar of chocolate for each of us. And eating crisped rice chocolate while watching Karen Gillan teaching Conan O'Brien how to swear (and order chips) in Scottish Gaelic is probably the best thing ever. :P
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My DW layout is totally messed up right now. It's the second time it happens in a short time; the last time I was forced to change it, but right now I lack the energy. (ETA: I've decided to explore my DW a bit better and, interestingly enough, the layout is still okay when I look at the main page; it's the reading page AKA flist that's completely broken.)

It's going to be a long time before I manage to watch series 7 of Doctor Who, and the wait is going to be a nightmare. Our only source of Who over here is SyFy Portugal, which is airing the show from Monday to Friday. This Thursday they showed The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, and yesterday they had Rose - so I'm guessing S7 will only make an appearance once they reshow all of the previous seasons. *sighs*

To compensate, though, I'm rewatching some classics. I've watched The Two Doctors earlier, and came to the conclusion that Oscar Botcherby has got to be a descendant of Henry Gordon Jago from Talons of Weng-Chiang (which, given that both stories were penned by Robert Holmes, could be possible). Now I'm watching The Ribos Operation with the audio commentaries on (I promised I'd do it when Mary Tamm died, but didn't get to it), and came upon this hilarious exchange:
Tom: Who took over when you left?
Mary: Lalla. You do remember Lalla, right?
Tom: Oh yeah. We got married, you know.
Mary: Did you really? Gosh, that was brave.
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Revealed: The character name of Doctor Who's new companion is...

I'm getting some Melanie Bush vibes here - which, coming from me, is a good thing. (I don't get the Mel hate any more than I get the Rose worshipping.)
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Mary Tamm

Bye bye, Mary. For me, you were the greatest Romana of them all.

Oh no. :(

Jun. 21st, 2012 03:34 pm
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RIP Caroline John

So long, Liz Shaw. You were one amazing lady.
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I'm reading a Fifth Doctor novel (Goth Opera by Paul Cornell), and I couldn't help but giggle when Fivey at some point jumped through a window shouting "Geronimo!"

Ah, foresight. You can be such fun sometimes.

ETA: And now I've moved on to the Terminus novelization, and I'm highly amused that Tegan thinks of Turlough as "the Brat." Speaks a lot about their early relationship.
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For everybody who signed up the petition to have David Tennant carry the Olympic torch, all I can say (in a very Troughtonesque voice) is Oh dear.
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RIP Philip Madoc.

Not another one. :(
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My Sims 3 game crashed. Again. So I've decided to shrug it off and re-install The Sims 2 instead, and resurrect my old Cheese Legacy. For those unfamiliar with the Sims fandom, a legacy challenge is when you play your game with a single sim in an empty lot and have him/get get married and have kids; then you pick one of the kids as heir (the others will move out), get him/her married and have kids, and so on, until you reach the tenth generation. Some players record the lives of those sims, usually in picspam format with some (usually humorous) captions. In my personal case, the posts usually have between 50 to 100 pictures and the captions are written in the first person of one of the sims involved, and in the case of the Cheese Legacy I've started out with a sim called John Cheese (who looks like a caricature of John Cleese, big chin and all), with the children born into this legacy being named after cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch. I'll start posting it here in my DW if you guys like the idea. :)

Also, I'm going to start making icons again. My most recent icons have been posted at InsaneJournal (to be more specific here) and focusing more on the sort of bases that are used on RPGs - hence why I'm storing them on IJ, which is used mainly for that purpose. My icons will keep on being made that way and will keep on being posted on IJ, but, again, I'll link you guys to the posts whenever I make an update. Right now I'm working on making icons of Katy Manning in SJA, which are to work as companions to a batch I made some months ago of Katy back in Who, and which you can find if you follow that link. I think the icons I made back then are from The Sea Devils and The Time Monster. I'm also planning to iconize the two Doctor Who movies (mainly Roberta Tovey and Bernard Cribbins) and Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia in Hamlet, as I think they'll work beautifully for anyone who wishes to play Bellatrix as a teenager.
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An updated repost of the list of all the classic series stories I've watched/heard. Feel free to yell at me for not watching a certain serial of your liking.

Teh list. )
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Seasons Greetings. )
And a very happy Christmas to all of you people at my flist. :)
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