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I caught a bit of Who Wants to be a Millionaire just now. The question was: "Who was the villain in Shakespeare's Othello?"

The contestant's answer? Voldemort.

He dismissed Iago straight away because, quote, "the name sounds too weird for Shakespeare."

Presenter: Did you ever read any of his plays?
Contestant: No, but I've seen a couple of movies.
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I've just shared this on Facebook, but I felt it also deserved to be here as well due to its utter creepiness.

A Brazilian non-profit organization that helps people with cancer has a really scary mascot that looks like... a giant testicle.
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My favourite Portuguese comedian, Nuno Markl, just had the greatest idea ever, especially considering this weather: earmuffs that double as headphones! You can keep your ears warm while listening to your iPod!


Jul. 9th, 2012 11:21 am
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There seems to be a new breed of spammer invading LJ. In a matter of hours, I got three different comments (one in my personal journal, another in my icon journal and the other on the Victoria Waterfield comm), all from different users but with the same content: an embedded YouTube clip about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a former Portuguese prime minister. Although this has been a big issue in my country for the past 32 years, I can't seem to think of any reason why so many different people would think I'd be interested in this matter given that I've never mentioned it in my journal, or how relevant it might be as a comment in posts about Doctor Who and CSI, so I've understandably deleted said comments and marked them as spam.

I have the feeling more similar spammage might hit your journal(s), possibly related to your own country, so keep your eyes open.
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I've heard on the radio that today is Star Wars Day.

And why today? Because it's May the 4th. Think about it...
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Only now did I realize that there's a "network" link on my DW menu, and only after clicking it to see what it was all about did it hit me that it's what in LJ was known as the Friends' Friends' page.

Must be Tuesday.
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