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Wake up, sleepyhead. Time to go to work.

After half a bowl of cereal, Abby heads to her new job in a law firm. But since we cannot be at the office with her, let's focus on the paper delivery boy lurking in the corner of that picture.

Not only do his eyes match his uniform, but he has the coolest name EVER.
By day, he's an ordinary paper boy. By night, he and his BFF Marion Holmes become archaeologists... WHO FIGHT CRIME.

Hmm, since Mr Vanderseaux prefers them ordered by colour, then we should do it the way he likes it, right?


It's a good thing Abby got that raise, since bills have began to appear in the mailbox.

And what's the first thing you do after getting a promotion? You smell the flowers, of course.

Because Abby needs to build some skills for her next promotion and I'm not going to buy her a chess table until she earns a little more cash (other items will take priority) I sent her to a community lot where she could do said skilling.

Oh look, it's the happy waiter - though he doesn't look as cheerful as he did in FM.
"I still love my job. Really."

He's so cute. It's such a shame he and Abby have no chemistry.

Anyway, first she played some chess until she achieved her goal...

...and then she watched a bit of TV because the weatherman never fails to amuse me.

See what I mean?

She then met Anastasia, the resident Good Witch. I know, she's not allowed to become one, but since the next gen's heir has to become a witch or warlock it's better that at least one of the witches becomes an acquaintance as soon as possible.

Abby then headed to the bookstore to gain her point in Cleaning.

Someone has some really interesting wardrobe choices...

"Hi there. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were following me."
"Trust me, I'm not. I just work for all the businesses in this town. I love my job, you know."
"Yeaaaah... Do you mind if I read here?"
"Not at all. Be my guest."

Unfortunately. Abby seems to be attracting more than workaholic waiters.
"Hic! Y'know, I'm friendsh with lotsh of peoplesh in thish plashe!"

After Abby gained her Cleaning point, I made her greet Ballet Dancer Dude.

And apparently, she likes what she sees. If he ends up becoming the Gen 1 spouse, I've a feeling I might let him keep that leotard, just for fun.

Things seem to have started out well, though sadly he left right after this.

However, he seems interested enough. As soon as Abby got home, she got a phone call from him.

Erm, this would have been excellent news, Ballet Dancer Dude, if not for one little thing: her name is Abby. You're Riyad. Methinks you're a little confused.

She looks way too excited for someone who is playing The Sims 3.
(And in case you haven't noticed from her clothes, this is the next morning, after she had a good night's sleep and breakfast.)

Another day, another ride on the filthy-looking carpool.

Ballet Dancer Dude was true to his word, it seems.

"Life is awesome!"
So it seems. Let's hope things keep on improving for you.
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