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We start this update with Riyad leaving for work.

Since Abby had a day off, she entertained herself by taking care of her garden.

The wolf that chased off Riyad tried to cause trouble with Abby, but she gave him a huge telling-off.

Oh, don't give me those sad puppy eyes, buddy. It's because of you that the patch of pansies you're standing on are all squashed.

Soon, though, the two of them forgot their differences and bonded over the pansies - Abby smelling them, and the wolf eating them.

Most appropriate townie name ever. It's not awesome like Indiana Watson or Rico Ricci, but it suits her.

We have another overachiever in the family!

Abby gives him a reward for his accomplishment.

And then she takes him for the perfect spot to spend an evening: the nature hobby lot, Peerless Park.

Oh, look who's here!
"I love my job, but I too need a break once in a while."

Abby and Riyad take advantage of the beauty of the park to celebrate their wedding, with Tycho the waiter and a pondful of carp as their sole witnesses.

As soon as the ceremony was over, Tycho gave them his blessing by telling Riyad a dirty joke.

What's wrong?

Oh, it's Abby's other friend, Anastasia the Good Witch, who also decided to show up to the wedding and give Abby and Riyad their blessing by...

Well, by filling the park with pure goodness, I guess?

Oh look, I never noticed this MySims statue before! Cute.

Tycho seems obsessed with jokes. He told at least three of them (both regular and dirty) to each person in the lot, and would have probably carried on if the Normals had remained there longer.

Abby managed to escape the jokefest for a little while by discussing nature with Anastasia.

Since both Abby and Riyad rolled wants for a vacation, I made him dig in the backyard. My personal rule is that, when there's no specific place they want to go, the decision will depend on the map they might find.

He got lucky on the very first try! And it looks like they'll be spending their honeymoon at the beach.

Since it was pretty late, though, and their energy bar would probably crash at the worst possible moment, I decided it was better to postpone their trip for a later occasion. Therefore, they spent the rest of the evening skilling (in Riyad's case the goal was to increase his Mechanical skills since the Mysterious Hut demands for it) before they eventually went to bed.

And in the next morning he went back to his studies while Abby went to work.

Oh look, the wolf is back! Only since snow fell heavily during the night, his annoying tendency to roll in Abby's pansies makes the situation a little odd-looking.

Since Riyad needed an extra point in Logic for his job, and since they can afford it now, I bought them a chess table.

As Riyad took full advantage of the table, Abby came back from work with good news.

And then, it was time for Riyad to leave as well.

She spent the evening working on her skills and having occasional rest stops to keep her energy bar stable for their travelling plans.

And, as soon as Riyad came back... was finally time to book their honeymoon.

Here they are, replacing the snow of Troughton Town with the sun and sand of Twikkii Island. Stay tuned to see what they'll be up to while they're gone.
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