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We begin with a shot of everybody's favourite wolf engaging in his favourite pastime: tormenting Abby's flowers.

Meanwhile, inside, the twins are still being taught how to walk.

The family that skills together... uh... learns together?

Bad Bradley, that is not a plaything. *cancels action*

Meanwhile, Abby popped.


The kids are being spoiled like crazy. That's good, though, as it means a happy family.

Not happy that I had cancelled his toilet-related shenanigans, Bradley rushed outside to play with a rain puddle.


Why can't he be more like his well-behaved brother?
"My hand tastes like cotton candy!"


Simultaneous teaching how to talk.

And another pop!

The next morning, Riyad leaves for work.

Abby takes the chance while the twins are distracted with their activity table to do some much-needed gardening.

Good boy.

Since they have enough money for it, I build a new floor to the household.

it's a little bit bare, with only the children's furniture and a toymaking bench (Abby's request) so far, providing the much-needed extra space now that the family is growing and the twins are getting too big for their cribs and floor pillows.

Ryiad, in the meantime, tries to earn back some of the money I spent.

Birthday time! First, Brian.

Aww, he's so cute.

Then, it was Bradley's turn.

Another cutie, who wins points by ageing into the generation's colour. Unfortunately, though, I already have an outfit ready for him, so his efforts were in vain.

And here are the boys, after a makeover. Bradley only got a wardrobe change, but Brian earned himself a new hairstyle and glasses to fit with his sweet and quiet personality.
(Love the gap in Bradley's teeth, by the way.)

Abby wastes no time in trying to infect the kids with the "hang loose" virus.

The boys, meantime, are engaging in boyish conversation. Well, sort of.


Don't look so alarmed, Riyad. You've been through this before.

Your kid, on the other hand, has every right to be scared.
"OHMIGOD! The baby comes out from WHERE?"

And I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that there is indeed only one baby.

And it's a girl! Everybody, meet Bonnie, who has Riyad's hair, Abby's eyes, and pale skin.

Everybody reacts in their own way.
"Oh yeah, it's a baby. Big deal."
"My wife's hot... er, I mean, yay baby!"

Hahahahahaha dream on.
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