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So here it is, my attempt to get back to posting about the sims, in a more subdued and smaller-scale manner. As I've said in my previous post, I'll be using a tweaked version of the set of rules for a Paranormal Challenge [ profile] jens_sims has drafted so far, and I'll be posting small (and hopefully frequent) updates.

So let's get to it!

Welcome to Troughton Town. A sim neighbourhood I created from scratch and named after my favourite Doctor because I love alliterations.

I filled the neighbourhood with affordable houses so that both the founder and the spares can have some place to live without resorting to money cheats. No, I'm not going to follow the legacy rules and start things off in a large empty lot, mainly because I don't want to suffer the inevitable lagging and borking that comes from those lots, and also because this is just going to be a small-scale attempt at making sims posts again before I can start doing more to-the-rules stuff again.

Before I introduce you to the owner of this house, I better give you a little intro to how this game will work. So, in the words of [ profile] jens_sims, here's some basic info:

Every town has that story about that one creepy house or the story about that scary old lady down the road. Well that was your house and aside from some cheek pinching Aunt Gertie wasn't that scary. For as long as you can remember "weirdness" was the family trait. When you grew up, you decided to move to a new neighborhood, start fresh, away from the bizarreness of your family. However as you and your descendants will find out, the family legacy isn't quite that easy to shake off.

Basic rules:
  • Legacy rules apply here.
  • No cheating unless for cosmetic reasons (using moveobjects on for decorating) to fix something (like a stuck sim) or under certain circumstances in the generation rules.
  • By the end of the challenge, one heir has to have befriended and brought home Bigfoot, build a servo, and/or created a zombie. (The same heir can do all of these or three can do these separately)
  • Sims can be sent to college.
  • Spouses do not become supernaturals unless they roll the want for it or if they’re being resurrected as a zombie

  • And this is our founder. As you can see from her name, I'm also a fan of Young Frankenstein.
    She is turned on by sims who are creative and good at cleaning, and utterly dislikes vampires. Also, her Life Time Want is to earn 100.000 Simoleons. I'm not sure if we'll achieve this, but with luck she'll achieve permaplat aspiration after a while. At least she didn't wish to reach the top of a career that goes against this generation's rules. Which reminds me:

    Generation 1: The Normal One

    You were the only one among your siblings who wasn't strange in some way. But now you've moved out of that mansion and you’re ready to start a happy, NORMAL life.

  • Color for this generation: pink.
  • Founder cannot be transformed into any supernatural being. If they end up turning into a vampire or plantsim or such, buy the cure as soon as you can. They are also not to be resurrected as a zombie. Same for the founder's spouse even if they roll the want.
  • Founder cannot create a servo, move in Bigfoot, or create a zombie.
  • Founder cannot take a job in the following careers: law enforcement (because they'll become superheroes), natural science (because they'll become superheroes in leaf bikinis), criminal (because they'll become super-villains), paranormal (the name says it all), oceanography (because Poseidon will be their boss) or adventure (hello, River Song?).

  • The first thing Abby does when she moves in is get on all fours to smell the flowers.

    Because she rolled the want for a statue and I wanted to burn the extra money she still has, I bought her a TARDIS. Before you say anything about this not being normal, let's go with the backstory that this is a statue of a TARDIS (and therefore non-functional) and that the inhabitants of Troughton Town often have one in their garden in tribute to the town's founder. That, and I just couldn't resist.

    The welcome wagon consists solely on Trent Traveller since Bon Voyage and Nightlife are the only Expansion Packs I didn't replace with an empty hood (mainly because I wanted to keep the BV townies and downtownies with their memories and knowledge), so Abby didn't bother to greet him.

    Aw, poor baby. Don't worry, once your cooking abilities improve you'll stop burning your food.

    A little later on, Abby gets a phone call from a downtownie inviting her for a night out.

    She hopes on the taxi...

    ...and arrives at the karaoke bar, FM. (I usually take my sims to the Crypt o' Night club on their first journey downtown, but this time I decided to do something different.)

    Abby's companions in this outing are the downtownie who invited her...

    ...a couple of girls, one of them a teenager...


    ...and Spock's baby brother, Albert.

    Aby and Spock clearly don't get along.
    "Ghosts are illogical."

    Abby decides to entertain her group by singing a little karaoke. They seem less than enthused.

    However, as soon as she replaces the real microphone with an air one and starts rapping, things seem to change. Even Spock started doing a little wave-hand sort of dance to the rhythm of her song.

    "I'm awesome."
    You're awesomely silly, you mean.

    Oh look, a happy waiter. I don't see this very often.
    "I love my job."

    I make Abby talk to him. Even though they have zero chemistry, his silly facial expressions are awesome enough that I want to keep him in the contact list. Who knows, he might become a spouse in a future generation.

    After this, Abby returned home and headed for the "welcome to the neighbourhood" computer she got from Mr Humble. The goal is to get her a job that's not vetoed by this generation's rules.


    There's no skill requirements while she's a file clerk, so she entertained herself by painting on the easel (another item she rolled a want for) until it was time for bed. Next time, we'll focus on the next step for this legacy: find a father for the second generation.
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