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When we last left them, Abby and Riyad were on their way to Twikkii Island.

They check in at Potterhouse Bungalows, and the honeymoon officially begins.

Here's a good look of their bungalow: gorgeous, comfortable and with everything they need.

Room service!

They ordered... banana sandwiches. Oh... kay?
(Seriously, though, is is breathtakingly gorgeous.)

For those of you who might remember my Cheese Legacy, here's Zeeshan!

Zeeshan and Carla Reamon soon greet Riyad with the local "hang loose" gesture, thus making sure that there's going to be something every single member of the Normal family will be doing until the last generation.

Meanwhile, Abby books a tour.

And away they go.

Damn it!

As soon as they're back, Riyad starts scratching like a madman.

Abby does too, but she seems a bit conflicted about it. "Worth every penny", dear, really?

In order to help them with that itch, I direct them to the local hot springs.

A little bit of hot water seems to do the trick.

Abby also takes the chance to learn a massage.

"What on earth? It's raining?"
It's tropical weather, dear.

And since it's been a while since they had their sandwiches, they try a local delicacy.


They both get the urge to take another tour, in spite of what happened in the previous one.

"Damn, this helicopter is loud."


"Bleeeeeurgh. *500 points*"

Why, hello there, Unsavoury Charlatan. I have to say that hat, stache and monocle don't really work with what you're wearing.

"Hellooooo there."
"Go away."

Next stop: the Mysterious Hut from the buried map Riyad had dug up.

As you can see from the smoke coming from the TV and the leaky bathtub, the local witch doctor seems to be having some trouble.

Handsome fellow, isn't he?

"Er... Do you need any help?"

The witch doctor is absolutely useless. He leaves, frustrated...

...and lies on a hammock while Abby and Riyad do all the work.

Thank goodness for all those Mechanical points Riyad gained.

The witch doctor then comes back and creeps on an intimate moment between Riyad and Abby...

...teaches them how to hula dance, thus granting the generations to come of the Normals yet another obsession...

...and then gives Riyad a voodoo doll as a reward.
Since Gen 1 are meant to be magic-free, I'm going to keep the doll as a family heirloom and hand it to the Gen 2 heir when the time comes. (There's nothing about the rules about the founder or their spouse winning the doll, but since they don't mention this one in the rules I'm guessing it's okay for them to win it, as long as they don't use it.)

Ooh, gorgeous ruins - even if they don't really look that ruined to me.

And with this, Zeeshan seals Riyad learning of the "hang loose" gesture. Thanks a lot, Zeeshan.

*sighs* They don't seem to learn with their mistakes, do they?

They only swoon back when the game gets borked beyond belief.

Finally success! And yay, more money to help them buy furniture for the nursery when the time comes.

Next, they go visit the pirate ship.

I really love the ship animations.

What's this? The pirate captain is out of his cabin!

He tries to teach Riyad a sea shanty, but I'm not sure he has learnt it properly.

Fire-dancing, however, he managed to learn very quickly.

Pretty soon, it was time to check out.

And here they are, back to the winter and snow.

They're still treating this as an extension of their honeymoon, though.

And this seems like a pretty good place for today's cliffhanger exit.
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