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I'm still reading Reflections: On the Magic of Writing, a compilation of essays and public speeches Diana Wynne Jones has written throughout her career. In the book there's also an interview by Charlie Butler, which I'm currently halfway through, and this particular bit has just made me laugh:

CB: Over the last fifteen years or so there’s been a well-documented revival of fantasy. Before that you were writing fantasy, not quite as a voice in the wilderness but at a time when fantasy was not seen as particularly fashionable by publishers. Now, over the last few years you’ve been writing in a world where suddenly publishers’ lists are awash with fantasy.
DWJ: Yes, isn’t that nice?
CB: Is it purely nice? Or do you find some negative aspects to it? Also, do you write differently because you have a different sense of what people will have in their heads before they pick up your book?
DWJ: I don’t think that’s an issue, except that I do try to write differently with every book, but I do find that there are drawbacks, in that fantasy becomes almost a fetish, and you’ve got these fluffy werewolves - no, I don’t mean werewolves...
CB: Sparkly vampires? I’m sure there are fluffy werewolves too.
DWJ: Yes, I’m sure there are. Pink ones. You know, it can get very, very silly.

I now want to get my hands on a Twilight-like book with pink werewolves...
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