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And here's the new and improved (well, as improved as it can be with one less SP/semi-EP, that is) Troughton Town. I used the same terrain and set the community lots in the north bank and the houses in the south, but I didn't bother with placing the lots in the identical same spot where they were before.

And here's the Normals. I'm glad to say my editing of their data at SimPE was a success, and so their age, skills, career level, etc, was at the same point where I started playing them here than it was at the end of the last update. Coincidentally, Riyad even ended up with the same LTW of reaching his golden anniversary. Abby's new LTW is to become City Planner, so I'm making her check the computer for a position in the Architecture career daily in order to fulfil it, as that's a career allowed by the rules for Gen 1.

And here's their new home, straight from the house bin.

It was only after taking that previous picture that I noticed this bit of unpainted wall. You fail, Maxis.

Someone looks pretty pleased with their new accommodations.

Shortly after moving in, Abby had to leave for work...

...but not before hiring a new nanny, since understandably Talisha is no longer in this hood. Her replacement is a little bit... clueless.
"Hellooooo! I want to feed the baby but there's a staircase in my way!"

Oh look, it's Rod Humble!
"Hello, little baby!"

Shortly after Mr Humble dropped his brand new computer on their doorstep, Riyad left for work as well.

Thank you for dealing with the trash, boys. The nanny was piling up bottle after bottle on the lawn.

Aww, such a sweet older brother.

The lady of the house is back! All shall love her and despair!

Riyad also came back about an hour later, finding Abby teaching Bonnie to talk. That kid hasn't seen the inside of the house yet.

Speaking of the inside of the house, this is how the living room looks like (minus the lighting, which I only remembered to install after taking this picture). I furnished it mainly with stuff from Apartment Life, with the kitchen and bathrooms having the country collection from Seasons and the upstairs being mostly with stuff from The Grand Trianon.

The three siblings bonding in the downstairs toyroom, which is so far the most depleted place in the house due to their money running out - only the activity table, a small mattress for Bonnie, and the wallpaper/flooring set that came with the house.

Eventually, it was time for bed.

The next morning, Bradley decided it was hilarious to hide behind his loft bed's ladder.
"Good morning, Brian! Hope you slept well!"

"I did! I'm so relaxed I'm even melding with the furniture."

Both brothers rolled the want to play peek-a-boo with Bonnie as soon as they woke up, so I indulged them.

"I have the best brothers! Once I become ruler of the world, I'll be sure to let them live."

Soon enough, though, it was time for school.

Bus drivers are usually creepy enough with that huge smile on their faces, but this one also has a Romulan hairstyle. I'm getting worried...

And here she is again!

This new nanny spends most of her time googling...

...leaving poor Bonnie by herself.

She has occasional moments of competence, though, and thankfully seems to have stopped leaving bottles everywhere.

It's the first time I have kids get an A+ on their report card when neither parent is home, so I was surprised to see them celebrating it by themselves as soon as they stepped off the bus. It was very sweet.

No cute little cowgirl in this hood, sadly, so this time they were followed home by this girl in a football uniform...

...who spent the whole time she was there in the nursery beating up the Imaginary Friend doll I got for the kids.
"You're from TS3. You shouldn't be here!"

These boys are obsessed with pillow fights. I'd grumble about how they're young boys rather than teenage girls, but they pull the greatest faces while doing it.

"Grumblegrumble stupid nanny breaking my computer grumblegrumble it's a good thing I've maxed my Mechanical skills grumble."

Riyad and Abby are determined to have a new baby. No baby chimes so far, though.

To compensate for this, I bring back a cherished item from their old home.

Abby seems intrigued by this.

Okay, a search through CAS shows me no borked hairstyle, so I can only guess that either the boy's skull is the wrong shape for this hair, or that this is one of the hairs Maxis left unfinished. How it ended up on the head of a townie I have no idea, as I have no hack for unlocking those hairs. But then again, I had to activate debug mode when I created new townies, so that might have allowed this to happen?

Look who's made of win!

Also, have a look at the bottom notification. You know what that means, don't you?

Birthday time!
Since the kitchen is a bit narrower this time, I decided to set the cake outside in order for everybody to enjoy the celebration.

And here she is!
"Whoa, I've got hands!"
Why do all sim kids do this?

Before anyone has the chance to try it (and without my ordering him to do so), Bradley rushed to throw it in the trash.

Meanwhile, Brian welcomes Bonnie to childhood by showing her the joys of pillow-fighting.

And here's Bonnie with her new dress and a more flattering hairstyle. Her looks might be unusual, but she's not ugly - in fact, she's actually quite pretty with that hair, don't you think?

And that's all for now. Stay tuned, folks!
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