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Brian is not a morning person.
"Screw school! Just go away and let me sleep!"

Bradley, on the other hand, is a little ball of sunshine.
"Ahhh, this is such a beautiful day! I'm so glad I'm going to school!"
It's funny to think Brian is the one with ten nice points.

Shortly after the boys are gone, Abby gives Riyad a goodbye kiss...

...before heading for work.
By the way, it's moments like this that make me realize just how freakishly pale she is. Just a little bit of sunlight and this happens.

"What did just happen?"
Your wife.

Meanwhile, Talisha the nanny sits on the front porch reading the newspaper...

...while Bonnie is by herself.
"Dum de dum de dum de dum..."
Sim babies lead a really boring life.

Riyad (also suffering from pale-itis) does some blogging...

...before leaving for work like the others.

The boys are extremely disappointed with the fact they only got a C...
...on their very first day of school. *sighs*

Brian might be just as disappointed as his brother, but he at least managed to bring home a cute little cowgirl friend.

She's extremely baffled by the Normal tendency to give people the "hang loose" gesture.
"Is this a boy thing?"

However, she's still happy to play catch with him.
TARDIS: *lurks*

Since Bradley didn't bring a playmate home, he decided to entertain himself in a different manner.
"Hmm, beer..."
"What do you think you're doing, young man?"
"Drinking some 7-Up."

"Well, if you promise never do drink '7-Up' again, I promise I won't tell anything to your mother."
"Really? I love you, Nanny!"
Great parenting there.

"Hey, big brother, look at what I can do!"

"You've been drinking Dad's beer again, haven't you?"

That's not yours. Go buy your own newspaper.
And a new shirt.

Look who's reached the top of her career track!

"Welcome home, Mummy! I promise I've been a good boy while you were away and didn't drink anything I shouldn't unlike some people."
"Aw honey, that's good to... Wait, what?"

Riyad didn't get a promotion, but he clearly had a good day nevertheless.

Someone forgot to do their homework on time. *shakes head*

Evidence that Bonnie isn't being neglected. That, and Abby's motherly face is really scary.

B+, and they're still disappointed. *sighs*

Someone has become the resident hugger, I see.

Birthday time for little Bonnie!

...oh dear.

Well, here's the evidence that Abby's face template usually results in unfortunate-looking children. *sighs* Let's wait and see if her features will soften with age.

Special announcement:
And with this update, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm currently facing a problem with my game. My Mansion & Garden disc is cracked, to the point that it might become irremediably damaged at any moment. Honestly, I don't know how it managed to work for me to play the events from this update.

And why did I still play this round, knowing very well how bad the disc is?
Because removing M&G from my computer will mean having to delete my current neighbourhoods. However, since I don't want to stop playing the Normals just yet, I decided to extract the kids via BodyShop (Abby and Riyad having already been saved for the upcoming uploading page) and copy all their stats with SimPE so that once I create a new, M&G-free Troughton Town, I can start where I left off. For me to be able to extract them, though, I had to wait until Bonnie became a toddler, hence this extra risky update.

Besides having to remove M&G, I'll also remove some items from my downloads folder. I'm not sure how long this will take, but hopefully it will be quicker than the time it took me to update this. If anything unexpected happens, I'll let you know.
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