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We start this short update by showing Abby and Riyad going to work together.

Old ladies in tour groups tend to be nutters, so I say we humour them.

Not bad.

Abby comes home with a promotion and some bad financial news...

...and a bit of stomach flu. I think.

Riyad comes back an hour after Abby, without a promotion but with the satisfaction of a job well done.

He promptly gives Abby a backrub, since she's still not feeling well.

Then they play chess in a snow-covered board, because they both need to gain some Logic skill.
...Of course, the most logical thing to do here would be to go inside, but the game doesn't see it like that.

Eventually, though, they win their points and head straight to bed.

However, Abby wakes up in the middle of the night with a complaint.

Her pyjamas turn turquoise, and she pops!

And then, calmly, she head back to bed.

The next morning, she rolls wants to go to work and get a promotion, so I sigh and have her walk to work. She doesn't even bother to change out of her turquoise pyjamas. It's a law firm, who's going to notice?

And an hour later, Riyad heads to the hospital.

Later, Abby returns with some more good news. Apparently her pyjamas were a success.

Riyad is just as awesome.

An evening skilling.

And another pop!

I love this animation.

Because nothing noteworthy happened during the rest of the pregnancy (hence why this update is so short and dry), let's skip 24 hours, and head straight to the birth.

What do you mean TWO new babies? O_O I don't have any baby mod installed, Abby didn't eat any cheesecake, and the pregnancy scanner had clearly said it was only going to be one baby.

Unless, of course, this has something to do with Riyad having the Super Fertility aspiration benefit. Git.

Don't pretend to be shocked with this turn of events, mister. It's all your fault.

And we have a baby boy, Brian - Riyad's brown hair and grey eyes, and a really pale skin.

Anny hands baby Brian to his daddy... that baby #2 can follow.

And we have another boy, Bradley - Riyad's hair, Abby's eyes, and a skin slightly darker than the rest of the family.

That's it for today. Until next time!
Let's hope more will happen then...
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